A client who was an officer of a corporation was personally assessed for withholding taxes that the corporation failed to pay. Our client was concerned that if he was held liable for the unpaid taxes that it would affect his credit, which in turn would cause him to lose his new job. We appealed the assessment and vigorously defended his position that he was not a responsible party. We were successful in getting the taxing agency to reverse its determination. Our client was not held liable for the unpaid taxes.

Unpaid Tax Liability

A client could not sell his house because he had IRS and state tax liens on the property. We were successful in negotiating the discharges of both liens, IRS and state.

Tax Lien On Home

A client owed approximately $80,000 in penalties to the IRS. The client did not have the funds to pay the penalty and paying it would have caused the client to go out of business. We negotiated a settlement of less than $17,000 in favor of our client.

Settlement Negotiated

A client who had not filed taxes in nearly 10 years retained us to assist him in getting compliant with the IRS. His major concern was going to jail and being seen as a tax protestor. We developed a strategy in which he was able to quickly prepare his tax returns, file them, and work out a payment arrangement. Our goal was to be proactive as opposed to reactive in the event that IRS elected to criminally prosecute him. In the end, the client was not referred for criminal prosecution.

High Income Non-Filer

A client, an IT company, was audited by the IRS for several years which resulted in the company owing $1.2 million in taxes, penalties and interest.  Prior to hiring us the company had worked unsuccessfully with two other representatives to resolve their case.  Our team represented the company at the Appeals level.  Using our audit experience we were able to get the $1.2 million assessment reduced to approximately $70,000.

Tax Assessment Reduced

A client owed the IRS approximately $77,000. The OIC we filed with the IRS was accepted. The IRS agreed to accept $1,000.

Offer In Compromise

Our client, a prominent businessman, was audited by the IRS for several years. At the conclusion of the audit, IRS assessed additional taxes, penalties and interest in an amount close to $1,000,000, based on a determination that he did not have a legitimate business. After the audit, the client requested that we represent him. We stepped in and successfully negotiated a settlement resulting in a revised liability of approximately $14,000.

Business Tax Audit

A client owed the IRS approximately $19,000. We reviewed my client’s tax account, tax returns and developed a strategy whereby my client got the entire tax liability abated. Not only were the taxes abated, our client received a refund from the IRS.

Outstanding Tax Liability

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